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This site was created near the end of the 05-06 basketball season. Why? I found myself searching and visiting 6 or 7 different web sites to get info on certain Section IV basketball records and info. I would much rather have just one place where I could get all that info. But there wasn't one, so I made

No one asked me to do this, I volunteered myself.

Originally it was going to be a web site showing just the past champions of the Section IV tournaments. I figured through some web searching I could find the past ten or fifteen years, maybe. But when I contacted the Section IV Athletic office, they sent me a list dating back to 1960! So this got the ball rolling into what the site is today.

Yes, Section4hoops is a one-man show, but it is built by you, it grows because of you.

It's a community project. It's a Section IV hall-of-fame. I don't have access to all the records, photos, scores from the games, etc., that are out there. You, the players, coaches, parents, teammates, fans, etc., have this info. You have the memory of your son scoring 37 against (insert team here..) or your teammate reaching 1,000 points, or hitting 7 three-pointers, or knowing how far your school went into the State tournament. The records that are on the records page are certainly not all the records for Section IV. Those are just the ones I found from searching the web and from people like you emailing me. I know there are many more. And I hope to continually be adding more and more records and any other info relating to Section IV boys basketball.

Why Is There No Girls Site?

I've been asked many times why there is no girls web site. This email from 2012 hopefully answers that question:

QUESTION: Shouldn't the section iv website include info for all section iv athletes??????????


Hi Dawn,

I'd be glad to answer your question. I think a lot of people may not realize how small of an operation actually is. It is just a one-man show, designed by me, ran by me, updated by me. I'm just a fan from Candor NY that also knows how to build web sites.

The web site is simply the result of a love/hobby/interest I have in boys high school basketball (similar to the section4football site) where I felt that there was all this information out there that needed to live, and be openly displayed, on one site instead of hiding in some manila folder in some coaches file cabinet. So I built back in 2006, which was specifically dedicated to boys basketball.

No one asked me to build it, it is not powered or resourced by any newspaper, it is not sanctioned by any organization and I don't make any money from it. Coaches are not mandated to send me any information (though some do). Most of the information that makes it on the site and the game scores come from parents, fans, players, etc., sending me info and game scores. I always remind myself that I am NOT a newspaper, and always try not to turn in to one, there is no way I could compete with their resources.

There are 69 schools in Section 4 and I soon realized I bit off slightly more than I could chew, with two kids and a full-time job. Covering just the boys side of things is almost impossible for me, so there was no way I could also cover the girls, and with all due respect it was not my intention to also cover the girls.

I have nothing against girls basketball. I feel it is equally as important and exciting as boys basketball and the girls should have a site dedicated to them. It's just that I do not have the time to cover both.

If you can follow Twitter, follow @Section4Scores. They keep good track of the girls games. They are powered by the Ithaca Journal, The Binghamton Press and the Elmira Newspaper. Also, The Section IV Athletics site also covers the girls Section tournaments (

If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

I hope this response didn't come off as rude or angry, that's not who I am. I hope this answers your question, have a great day!
Steve Kern


How You Can Help

  1. Report game scores for your home school. Many people (over 1500) are waiting for game scores on Twitter. It's very easy and quick. You just need to send a text message (607-227-5652) or send a Tweet to @Section4Hoops. Please send game scores right after the buzzer if possible.
  2. If you know of any records, (assists, three-pointers, rebounds, points, etc., 1,000 point scorers, etc.) please send them via email.
  3. If you know of any errors, please let me know.
  4. If you have any photos of players, teams, etc please send them along. (paper photos will need to be scanned or digitized).
  5. Send team schedules, rosters (these are very hard to find sometimes)
  6. Spread the word! The IAC and STAC seem to have a presence on here, but not much activity from the MAC, Delaware, and Tri-Valley schools.
  7. And lastly, ANYTHING you can think of!


Thanks for reading, enjoy the site!





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