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New York State Section 4 Boys High School Basketball Champions History

In the table below, aside from showing each years Section 4 winner, there are colored dots representing how far each team went in the NYPHSAA Tournament. If you know how far any team went (for example: Did they make it to the semi's, the finals, or maybe only the quarterfinals, etc.) for any year, email and it'll be added to the table.

Thanks for any help. Also, any photos of Section 4 players, teams, etc. that you wouldn't mind having posted on this page, send them along.

**For past division and conference/league champions, go here.

= New York State Quarterfinalist (Regional's)
= New York State Semifinalist (Final Four)
= New York State Finalist
= New York State Champions


  Class D Class C Class B Class A Class AA Class AAA
1949     Marathon  
No Class AA
No Class AAA
1952       Waverly
1953       Waverly
1954     Marathon  
1955   Marathon    
1956 Sherburne ? Homer Bing. Central
1956 semi's: Class C vs A, Class B vs D. Homer won overall Sectional Championship against Bing. Central.
1959 Roxbury      
1960 Downsville Sherwood Newark Valley Cortland
1961 Andes Afton Groton Vestal
1962 Sherwood Afton Delhi Vestal
1963 Andes McGraw Bainbridge-Guilford Elmira Southside
1964 Schenevus Laurens Delhi Greene Ithaca
1965 Schenevus McGraw Groton Homer Ithaca
1966 Schenevus Franklin Delhi Elmira Heights Elmira Free Ac.
1967 Franklin Spencer Weedsport Elmira Heights Elmira Free Ac.
1968 Schenevus Tioga Delhi Elmira Heights Elmira Free Ac.
1969 Worcester McGraw Tioga Windsor Ithaca
1970 Davenport Margaretville Oxford Whitney Point Elmira Free Ac.
1971 Davenport Margaretville Cato-Meridian Whitney Point Vestal
1972 Roxbury Davenport Seton Catholic of Endicott ** Waverly Elmira Southside
1973 Laurens Davenport Groton Sidney Ithaca
1974 Roxbury Deposit Southern Cayuga Whitney Point Union-Endicott
1975 Roxbury Morris Deposit Sidney Susquehanna Valley
1976 Schenevus CandorCandor
Candor Indians
Lansing Elmira Notre Dame Union-Endicott
1977 South Kortright Schenevus Lansing Elmira Notre Dame Union-Endicott
1978 Jefferson New Berlin Delhi Sidney | END * Vestal
1979 Roxbury Groton Sidney Elmira Notre Dame Elmira Free Ac. Union-Endicott
1980 Gilboa-Conesville Elmira Notre-Dame Binghamton North Union-Endicott
No Class AA
No Class AAA
1981 Roxbury Trumansburg Windsor Union-Endicott
1982 Roxbury Trumansburg Windsor Binghamton
1983 Roxbury Trumansburg Johnson City Union-Endicott
1984 Cincinnatus Union Springs Maine-Endwell Vestal
1985 Cherry Valley Southern Cayuga Elmira Free Academy Binghamton
1986 Newfield Odessa-Montour Elmira Free Ac. Binghamton
1987 Davenport Elmira Notre Dame Oneonta Binghamton
1988 New Berlin Tioga Owego Horseheads
1989 Davenport Whitney Point Elmira Free Ac. Union Endicott
1990 Newfield Elmira Notre Dame Maine-Endwell Binghamton
1991 Elmira Heights Whitney Point Owego Ithaca
1992 Roxbury Seton Catholic Elmira Free Ac. Ithaca
1993 Odessa-Montour Whitney Point Norwich Ithaca
1994 Marathon Trumansburg Norwich Vestal
1995 Deposit Trumansburg Owego Binghamton
1996 Deposit Trumansburg Waverly Vestalvestal
1997 Candor Trumansburg Oneonta Binghamton
1998 Candor Sidney Corning West Union Endicott
1999 Milford Candorcandor
Candor Indians
Windsor Binghamton
2000 South Kortright Sidney Chenango Valley Horseheads
2001 Downsville Seton Catholic Chenango Valley Binghamton
2002 Downsville Trumansburg Norwich Binghamton
2003 Downsville Seton Catholic Oneonta Elmira Southside
2004 Afton Newfield Oneonta Elmira Free Ac. Binghamton
2005 Newfield Seton Catholic Chenango Valley Elmira Free Ac. Vestal
2006 Davenport (CV) Elmira Notre Dame Seton Catholic Owego Vestal
2007 Davenport Sidneysidney
Elmira Free Ac. Binghamton
2008 Roxbury Union Springs Chenango Valleycv
Chenango Valley
Oneonta Binghamton
2009 South Kortrightsk
South Kortright
Oxford Seton Catholic Norwich Vestal  
2010 South Kortright Moravia Seton Catholicseton
Seton Catholic
Johnson City Vestalvestal
2011 Hancock Moravia Seton Catholic Maine-Endwell Union-Endicott  
2012 South Kortright Elmira Notre Dame Norwich Seton Catholic Binghamton  
2013 Marathon Moravia Norwich Maine-Endwell Binghamton  
2014 Davenport Elmira Notre Dameend
Elmira Notre Dame
Norwich Maine-Endwell Union-Endicott  
2015 Laurens Newfield Chenango Valley Union-Endicott Horseheads  
2016 South Kortright Moravia Norwich Johnson City Horseheads  
2017 Newfield Moravia Norwich Johnson City Corning Painted Post  
2018 Newfield Unadilla Valley Seton Catholic Maine-Endwell Ithaca  

* Elmira Notre Dame won the Class A State Championship in 1978. They finished 20-4 beating Roosevelt in the finals. END actually lost the Section 4 title to Sidney, but because of the point system used back then END represented Class A and Sidney went down to Class B.

** 1972 Class B Champion was Seton Catholic of Endicott, not the combined catholic schools as we now know.

Most Section 4 Championships

16-time 12-time 11-time 10-time 9-time 8-time 7-time 6-time
Binghamton Elmira Free Acad Seton Catholic Roxbury Davenport Ithaca Newfield Maine-Endwell
  Union-Endicott Vestal   Elmira Notre Dame Trumansburg Sidney Oneonta
        Norwich     Schenevus
              South Kortright
              Whitney Point

5-time 4-time 3-time 2-time 1-time 0-time
Chenango Valley Candor Afton Andes Bainbridge-Guilford Chenango Forks
Delhi Deposit Elmira Southside Corning Cato-Meridian Cincinnatus
Marathon Downsville Laurens Franklin Cherry Valley Dryden
Moravia Elmira Heights McGraw Margaretville Cortland Edison
  Groton Tioga New Berlin Gilboa-Conesville Edmeston
  Horseheads   Odessa-Montour Greene Gilbertsville-Mt. Upton
  Johnson City   Oxford Hancock Harpursville
  Moravia   Sherwood Homer Hunter-Tannersville
  Owego   Southern Cayuga Jefferson Stamford
  Waverly   Union Springs Milford Unatego
  Windsor     Morris Walton
        Newark Valley Watkins Glen
        Spencer Van-Etten Windham Ashland Jewett
        Susquehanna Valley  
        Unadilla Valley  

NYSPHSAA Champions History


  Class D Class C Class B Class A Class AA Class AAA
1978 Bridgehampton-11 Pierson-11 Schuylerville-2 Notre Dame-4 Niskayuna-2 Mount Vernon-1
1979 Bridgehampton-11 Cuba-5 Sidney-4 Malverne-8 Lackawanna-6 Mount Vernon-1
1980 Bridgehampton-11 Lyons-5 Bellport-11 Ward Melville-11
No Class AA
No Class AAA
1981 Tuckahoe-1 Wyandanch-11 Malverne-8 Mount Vernon-1
1982 New York Mills-3 Wyandanch-11 Nottingham-3 Spring Valley-9
1983 Brookfield-3 Charlotte-5 Bennett-6 North Babylon-11
1984 Bridgehampton-11 Charlotte-5 Bennett-6 Sweet Home-6
1985 Bishop Cunningham-3 Wheatley-8 Westbury-8 Binghamton-4
1986 Bridgehampton-11 Wilson-5 Manhasset-8 Binghamton-4
1987 Alexander Hamilton-1 Trott-6 Nottingham-3 Shenendehowa-2
1988 Alexander Hamilton-1 Stillwater-2 LaSalle-6 McQuaid Jesuit-5
1989 Avoca-5 Lyons-5 East Hampton-11 Hempstead-8
1990 Alexander Hamilton-1 Rensselaer-2 Jamesville DeWitt-3 Hempstead-8
1991 Prattsburgh-5 Watervliet-2 Nottingham-3 Mount Vernon-1
1992 Notre Dame -5 Mynderse-5 Fowler-3 Athena-5
1993 Clyde-Savannah-5 Whitney Point-4 Norwich-4 Hempstead-8
1994 Hamilton-3 Bishop Ludden-3 Norwich-4 White Plains-1
1995 Maple Grove-6 Peekskill-1 Poughkeepsie-1 LaSalle-6
1996 Bridgehampton-11 Traditional-6 Peekskill-1 LaSalle-6
1997 Bridgehampton-11 Christian Bros. Ac.-3 Westhill-3 McQuaid Jesuit-5
1998 Bridgehampton-11 Sidney-4 Westhampton-11 Schenectady-2
1999 Millbrook-9 Traditional-6 Southhampton-11 White Plains-1
2000 Hamilton-3 Traditional-6 Amityville-11 Mount Vernon-1
2001 Notre Dame-5 Traditional-6 Amityville-11 Schenectady-2
2002 Faith Heritage-3 Blind Brook-1 Amityville-11 Henninger-3
2003 S.S. Seward-9 City Honors-6 Amityville-11 McQuaid Jesuit-5
2004 Alexander Hamilton-1 Blind Brook-1 Kennedy Catholic-1 Jamesville Dewitt-3 Mount Vernon-1
2005 Martin Luther King-1 Sodus-5 Palmyra-Macedon-5 Peekskill-1 Niagara Falls-6
2006 C.G. Finney-5 Campbell Savona-5 Lackawana-6 Peekskill-1 Mount Vernon-1
2007 C.G. Finney-5 Sidney-4 Malverne-8 Peekskill-1 Mount Vernon -1  
2008 Chateaugay-10 Maple Grove-6 Olean-6 Jamesville Dewitt-3 Bishop Maginn-2  
2009 South Kortright-4 Avon-5 Bishop Kearney-5 Jamesville Dewitt-3 Newburgh FA-9  
2010 Maple Grove-6 Buff. Middle College-6 Westhill-3 Jamesville Dewitt-3 C.B.A.-Albany-2  
2011 New York Mills-3 Friends Academy-8 Burke Catholic-9 Jamesville-DeWitt-3 Mount Vernon-1  
2012 Sackets Harbor-3 Tuckahoe-2 Bishop Ludden-3 Harborfields-11 Mount Vernon-1  
2013 Argyle-2 Lake George-2 Watervliet-2 Buffalo-McKinley-6 Bishop Kearney-5  
2014 New York Mills-3 Hoosic Valley-2 Westhill-3 Scotia-Glenville-2 Green Tech-2  
2015 Bridgehampton -11 Lake George-2 Westhill-3 Scotia-Glenville-2 Shenendehowa-2  
2016 Oriskany-3 Middle Early College-6 Olean-6 Elmont Memorial-8 Aquinas Institute-5  
2017 Moriah-7 Moravia-4 Westhill-3 Irondequoit (5) Mount Vernon (1)  
2018 Buffalo East-6 Lake George-2 Meekel Christian Academy-2 Amityville -11 Liverpool-3  

Has there ever been a "Clean Sweep" of one section in the same year? No. But check out 1980, 1992, and 2004, …almost!

Most NYSPHSAA Championships (by section)

Section 1:
27 Championships 17.6%
Section 3
25 Championships 15.6%
Section 5:
23 Championships 15.0%
Section 11:
22 Championships 14.4%
Section 6:
20 Championships 13.0%
Section 2:
11 Championships 7.0%
Section 4:
11 Championships 6.5%
Section 8:
10 Championships 6.5%
Section 9:
5 Championships 1.3.%
Section 10
1 Championship  
Section 7
1 Championship 0.5%


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