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This site is not affiliated with Section IV basketball, NYSPHSAA, the IAC, or any other organization or newspaper.
It was simply created by a fan of Section IV boys basketball.


This site was created near the end of the 05-06 basketball season. Why? I found myself searching and visiting 5 or 6 different web sites to get info on certain Section IV basketball records and info. I would much rather have just one place where I could get all that info. But there wasn't one, so I made one.

No one asked me to do this, I volunteered myself.

Originally it was going to be a web site showing just the past champions of the Section IV tournaments. I figured through some web searching I could find the past 10 or 15 years, maybe. But when I contacted the Section IV Athletic office, they sent me a list dating back to 1960! So this got the ball rolling into what the site is today.

But the biggest thing I want everyone to know about this site is, it is built by you! It's a community project. It's a Section IV hall-of-fame. I don't have access to all the records, photos, scores from the games, etc., that are out there. You, the players, coaches, parents, teammates, fans, etc., have this info. You have the memory of your son scoring 37 against (insert team here..) or your teammate reaching 1,000 points, or hitting 7 three-pointers, or knowing how far your school went into the State tournament. The records that are on the records page are certainly not all the records for Section IV. Those are just the ones I found from searching the web and from people like you emailing me. I know there are many more. And I hope to continually be adding more and more records and any other info relating to Section IV boys basketball.

I've had a few questions on why there is no girls web site. The simple answer is time. I barely have enough time to keep up with the activity generated by the boys side of things. So, unfortunately, I would not be able to keep up.

How You Can Help

1. If you know of any records, (assists, three-pointers, rebounds, points, etc., 1,000 point scorers, etc.) please send them via email.

2. If you know of any errors, please let me know.

3. If you have any photos of players, teams, etc please send them along. (paper photos will need to be scanned or digitized before sending).

4. Report instant game scores for your home school. Hundreds of people are waiting for the results of Section 4 basketball games. The Game Scores feature was voted the most favorite thing about It's so easy to do and many people would see your score and appreciate it, thanks! Send text message to 607-227-5652 or mention @Section4hoops in a Twitter message of the score.

5. Lastly, ANYTHING you can think of!


Thanks for reading, enjoy the site!